Stay Goethe and Maud Sagittarius "lnomhusmiljön importantly"

Then we have day care centers and leisure activities in our property, where many children are staying, it was important to the indoor environment. When we heard omAcma Four Seasons heat pump Enoch its unique characteristics with both heating, cooling, ventilation and air treatment, we decided immediately. We highly recommend everyone to invest a Acma heat pump.

Bjorn and Gunilla Persson "Dry and warm everywhere"
Our förstaAcma Four Seasons heat pump was in operation for over 15 years in our last house. In addition, we installed two additional Acma heat pumps, one for our garage / workshop adjacent to the house and one to our house in Dalarna, where we now reside. We are very pleased that it is dry and warm in the winter and we must keep cool in the summer. Last but not least, we always healthy and fresh air thanks Acma heat pump.

January Savander "What a surprising energy savings"
We installed enAcma Four Seasons värmepumpför over 12 years ago and after a continuous careful monitoring of energy consumption surprised me by the substantial reduction of our electricity consumption that has occurred. We manage the warming of our 160 m2 villa with only Acma heat pump during most of the winter. We have also reduced our radon level in the house so Acma has certainly proven to be an "energy saver".

Pernilla Wiberg Hotel Idre "We have installed Speedy Drying in all rooms"
Pernilla Wiberg Hotel is a high class hotel built in a Scandinavian style with lots of wood and stone, decorated in consultation with Pernilla Wiberg herself, which is very environmentally conscious. The proximity to nature, Idre Fjäll large range of activities and Idre Golf Course make it easy to combine an active outdoor life with fantastic prime accommodation. EttSpeedy Torkskåpär lined up in every hotel room and is much appreciated by the hotel guests where they can quickly and easily dry their clothes after a lovely activity day.

Brf Magpie "Always perfect indoor temperature"
After our installation of Building Master, we have gained a smoother and more comfortable indoor climate with the perfect temperature that suits us all year round living. We just set the desired temperature and by signals from the three sensors inside sköterBuildingMasterom rest. We have saved about 14% and are very satisfied.

Tranemo homes "22% savings allowed us to invest an additional"
The installation of the sensors went quickly was an important factor when we decided on a steering & control system to save on our energy consumption. The saving was found to be 22% for the first six months (January to July) so we are very pleased and have already invested in another enBuildingMaster.

Kista Racket Center "The investment cost was served quickly"
Kista Racket Center is a large building where badminton courts, squash courts and even a racquethallbana intermingled. There is also a gym, solarium, racket shop and a restaurant. Investment and installations avHF Electronic Ballasts has proven to be a smart solution. The investment cost was served quickly in energy savings. This is a perfect energy saving solution for rack halls, premises, public buildings, warehouses, offices, etc.

There are more references!
We select references in your vicinity that has a similar house / property like yours, so get yourselves hear what they have to experience.
For more information, contact us by phone: 08-594 69 020 or by e-mail:

Acma HP 4900 Four Seasons

Acma HP Four Seasons is a heat pump without outdoor unit that works with both air / air and exhaust air, while increasing efficiency. Get fresh air, ventilation and air cleaning in the bargain! The unit is certified to ventilate radon which is a problem in many homes.

ICOOL - Aircondition / Heat pump

Tired of the heat? Obtain pleasant coolness of fresh air! Install yourself a ICOOL AC unit without outdoor unit. Only two holes in the wall and grounded electrical outlet (do not require permission).

Building Master

Building Master is an energy-saving heating controller for multi-family properties. With Building Master you can easily set the desired indoor temperature, the system takes care of the rest.

Fresh air ventilation

Did you know you can get both heating, air condition and fresh air ventilation from one unit? See more under products. We have both Acma HP 4900 Four Season and ICOOL.

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